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Why There Is Such A Diverse Array Of Men's Athletic Shoes

For many people the first type of shoe that we think of when considering men's athletic shoes may well be tennis shoes or even a generic cross training shoe. For others they may think of a basketball shoe, it really depends upon your background. In reality this category of footwear covers a wide variety of sport and recreational shoes ranging from golf and basketball to soccer and running shoes. I usually buy cross training tennis shoes just because I am involved in a wide range of sports from running and weightlifting to playing basketball.

It seems that every time I open the Sunday paper there will be several circulars advertising sales on athletic shoes from many different famous brand names. I suggest you look around online to compare prices as well as have a good idea of what type of shoe will best suit your needs.

There are a few basic types of athletic shoes in general and one should get a good feel for what you need most before shopping.

For those who are into off road running or running in all different kinds of weather the best shoe type is the trail shoe which will give you a combination of stability and durability as well as excellent traction.

If you are on of those that tends to underpronate and you really do not need to have extra support then you can probably get by with shoes from the cushioned shoes category.

For men who are of average weight with no pronation problems who just need an athletic shoe with good support, durability and cushion they should probably go with a shoe from the stability shoe category.

The motion control category contains the most durable, rigid and controlled athletic footwear. These shoes are specifically designed to limit the condition known as overpronation.

For experienced runners who are training for races or even for those who just run a lot and have not issues with motion control or pronation they will get good results from shoes in the lightweight training category.

This list is not an end all, it is always recommended that you keep an extra pair on hand and the best practice is to buy a couple of pairs at the same time so you can alternate between them. This will make the shoes last quite a bit longer, especially if you are a runner or you do heavy weightlifting.

When you measure your feet or shop for shoes do it late in the day. This will give you the most accurate fit since due to the stress of walking all day our feet tend to swell and will be larger at the end of the day than in the morning. Don't buy shoes that are uncomfortable just because they look good or because they are a good deal.


Why Marathon Pants, Warm Ups, And Cool Downs Are So Important To Athletes

Marathon pants, warming up, and cooling down play a vital role in keeping an amateur or professional athlete's body in the best shape possible. Failure to look after their body leads to muscle and joint damage, which can be devastating to their career and movement in general. But why are tear away pants and the other steps so important?

Warm Up Movements Prior To Physical Activity

Anyone who plans on physical activity needs to warm their muscles up before they start. Slow stretching and readying the body for the impending movement improves the ability of your joints, giving you greater freedom of movement. As the muscles begin to warm, they gain in strength and have a shorter reaction time.

The rest of your body warms up as well. This improves the stretch and strength in your muscles and improves your body's ability to regulate its own temperature. Oxygen, energy, fatty acids, and other nutrients are able to flow more freely through the expanded blood vessels. You will be able to use your energy more efficiently and get more benefit out of each movement. Your mindset will also improve, making the impending workout more enjoyable as a whole.

Slow, deliberate, and timed movements are the basis of a solid warm up. These should start out light and gradually increase in intensity as you near the start of your activity. The best method is to start the movement gradually, moving to the farthest point of stretch. Hold it for a few short seconds and gradually move back into the natural position. This eliminates the possibility of harming or damaging any joints or muscles.

Wearing Marathon Pants

If too much time lapses between the warm up and the start of the actual activity, you need to wear tear away pants or marathon pants to keep your muscles warm. Otherwise, you will need to go back through the process. When it is time to start, remove the marathon pants or pull off the tear away pants. Many amateur and professional athletes will put them back on after the event if they have to wait for the third important step.

The Cooling Process

Once your physical activity is over, you need to return your body back to its original state. When you don't cool down your body, blood and waste builds up in your muscles. This also adds additional stress on your heart. Finally, cooling down your muscles, ligaments, and tendons helps repair any damage they may have sustained during the exercise. You will suffer less pain, discomfort, and swelling as a result. To return to your original state, go through a process similar to your warm up starting with the most intense and gradually reducing the intensity. This can include aerobic style movements as well as stretching.

To maintain the optimum level of health and ability, warming, cooling, and wearing tear away pants are necessary for anyone engaging in physical activity. These three seemingly simple steps can ultimately determine your performance and your entire health. Regardless of what type of physical activity you are facing, grab a pair of marathon pants, go through these steps, and get started.


The Importance of Carrying Personal Identification While Running

Most runners, myself included, think that they are pretty much invincible while they are out on the run. They think that nothing can happen to them and have a false sense of security all the time.

The truth is - there are many things that a runner needs to be aware of. There are always the anticipated problems - heavy traffic areas, icy roads, excessive heat, etc. However, there are some unforeseen dangers that can happen, especially if you run alone - as I do.

Unexpected weather conditions, medical conditions, wild animals or even attacks by people. OK, I don't mean to scare you from going out alone - but you need to be aware that things can happen. In over 35 years of running, nothing has ever happened to me out on the roads by myself, but I know that they can.

Most runners, myself included, think that they are pretty much invincible while they are out on the run. They think that nothing can happen to them and have a false sense of security all the time. This is important to all runners, but especially important for runners that are out on the road for an hour or more. If you are training for a longer race - you may be out on the roads for 2-4 hours. Many things can happen during that much time out. So, it's important to be prepared. And, you need to keep in mind that you may not be able to give someone the information that they need to help you.

The personal identification that you carry should include: your name, your emergency contact(s), their phone number (depending on what time you usually run - you many include their work number, cell, etc), any medical conditions you have, any allergies you have and possibly your primary care physician. On my ID is my name, our home phone number, my husband's name and his cell phone number and our address.

My husband feel so much better with the knowledge that I have identification on me. He worries when I'm out for over an hour - and I'm sure your loved ones do, too!

I got my personal identification from Road ID. I love it! I believe in simplicity when I run and didn't want something bulky or something that I had to wear. My ID Velcros onto my shoe - so I don't even know it's there. It's great.

If you run longer runs, having this identification on you is important. And, it gives your loved ones peace of mind!


Running Tips - Proper Clothes For Winter Running

Winter running doesn't have to be miserable. In fact, it can be enjoyable if you are wearing the proper running apparel. An important thing to remember is that you'll feel better during your run if you are wearing comfortable clothes. Whether you are a fairly new runner running a mile or a seasoned runner training for longer distances, the clothes you're wearing can make a difference. And, it's especially important to have proper clothes for winter running.

Runners should wear clothing that is not only comfortable, but "runner friendly". What I mean by that is that you should wear apparel made with moisture-wicking fabrics. This fabric will "wick" away the moisture from your body as your sweat and keep you dry. This is important in both cold weather and warmer weather. If you wear shirts that don't do this - as you sweat, the sweat stays against your body, you stay wet, cold and pretty miserable.

Cotton is the one fabric that you want to stay away from. Cotton will absorb your body heat, your moisture as your sweat and will cling to your body. This makes your run pretty miserable not matter what time of year it is. Most runners that have been running for years can attest to this. We've all been out there in our cotton t-shirts before better material became available.

Layering your clothing is the best way to stay comfortable when you are running in colder weather. Multiple layers will keep you drier than one heavy piece of apparel. The different layers will keep you warm while wicking moisture away from your body. How many layers you wear depends on a couple of factors - how cold the climate is your running in, is it raining and how warm you like to be when you run.

Another good thing to remember is that you should dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer than it actually is outside. The extra 10 degrees accounts for your body heat.

Your base layer is the most important. This layer needs to move moisture away from you so that you won't get chilled. This is the layer where you definitely want a technical shirt - such as CoolMax. For some runners, this layer could be a singlet or for others a long sleeve shirt.

A shirt with a zipper that is a great next layer - especially if you are using 2 layers. If it gets a little warmer, you can partially unzip and allow some ventilation. If it turns cooler on you or the wind starts to pick up - you can zip it all the way up.

When the weather is really cold or if its raining/snowing, you need some sort of jacket. You can find jackets now that are wind-resistant and water resistant. When you are looking at jackets, make sure to look to see if they are venting in the back (and sometimes under the arms). This will allow the ventilation that you need so that your layers don't get "heavy" as you sweat.

You also want to remember your hands and feet. Be sure to wear gloves and a hat or band over your ears on those super cold days. Also, If it's raining, I like to wear a cap that is rain-resistant. This keeps the rain from getting in my eyes.

Running in the winter can be a lot of fun if you make sure you are properly prepared for it. Just remember, you want to stay comfortable, warm and dry!


Tennis Clothing

If you already take part in tennis, then I imagine that you already appreciate what tennis players wear, so this article is aimed at those individuals who wish for to procure tennis clothes for a dear one for a special occasion. After all, it is not as straightforward as it seems to buy sports garments for the participant of a sport you understand nothing about.

There is a certain image we tend to associate with a tennis player: white Polo top with shorts or skirt and matching shoes. They are fashionable and elegant, comfortable and characteristic at the same time. Items of tennis kit often mean a great deal to people who are not just sports fans. If the person you shop for is a tennis fan, tennis kit becomes a great gift that can also be quite affordable in spite of the rumors that it costs a great deal.

In case tennis attire is something unfamiliar to you, Google it over the Internet and you will be amazed to see how much information there is on hand. Very many forums will tactfully let you know you about prices and deals going on at an assortment of retail shops and online dealers.

They will also supply you with information as to which brands are considered the best, which are considered the least long-lasting and reliable, which are reasonably priced and which too dear .

What many tennis outfit wearers recommend is that you procure the type of top or shirt that will make you feel most comfortable and that would permit the very wide angled movements that are specific to the practice of this sport. For instance, the shorter the sleeves of your tennis apparel, the freer the movement during the game. Some procure tennis kit also according to the season in which they intend to play. Still others go for the materials that can be worn in both warm and cold seasons.

They firmly believe that the tennis kit ought to keep them both warm and cool at the same time. As far as the t-shirts for men are concerned, you must know that most players speak of Polo shirts in very high terms, as the collar offers you some neck protection from the sun's rays.

Advice about tennis attire like that above are to be had on very many web sites. If you are not quite sure what to go for when purchasing your friend a gift, then you can always inveigle him or her to have a discussion about his or her favourite sport. Using a little guile, you will surely be able to direct the discussion to a related topic that interests you, that is tennis clothes. Making it all look like casual chit-chat would not make him or her guess what you have in mind for the special occasion.


Free Fitness Programs-achieving Your Fitness Goals Shouldn't Be Expensive

There are many free fitness programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. Simply, today there are more obese people never because fitness for many people has gotten thrown out the window.

Many people eat very poor diets, don't exercise enough, and wonder why they are overweight. Free fitness programs can help you to shed your excess pounds and achieve your fitness goals.

So what are the best free fitness programs help you achieve your fitness goals? Of course, this will be different for every person. Quite simply, everybody will have different needs, and therefore will opt for different workout program.

For instance, if you want us to lose way, you might try jogging. If you want to increase your athleticism, you might try a vertical leap program. If you want to increase your muscle strength you'll try lifting weights. No matter which programs you decide to do, here are some tips to ensure you succeed with them.

First of all, as with anything important in life you need to sit down and map out exact what you accomplish by the end of your programs. For instance, you wouldn't simply say you wanted to get in shape, as this would not provide much incentive. The reason the most fail in their fitness programs and even businesses is because they are not specific enough in mapping out what they want to do.

First you need to sit down and write out your goals; be specific. For instance, you might say I want to lose 36 pounds within the next year, or gain 11 inches with your vertical leap. No matter what it is, be absolutely as specific as possible.

Once this is written down put it in a place where you can view it often which will give you an incentive to achieve your fitness goals. Now, once you know exactly what your goals are, go and find the right thing fitness programs to help you get there.

This is probably the easiest part because once you know what you accomplish with your fitness programs, finding the right one is really not that difficult. Now, start out slow and work your way up gradually from there.

Don't attempt to start jogging 5 miles a day the first week you do it. Start with .1 miles, work up to .2, etc. Follow these tips and you'll achieve your fitness goals with the help of free fitness programs quickly and easily, and achieve the body and health you always wanted.


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