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Why Marathon Pants, Warm Ups, And Cool Downs Are So Important To Athletes

Marathon pants, warming up, and cooling down play a vital role in keeping an amateur or professional athlete's body in the best shape possible. Failure to look after their body leads to muscle and joint damage, which can be devastating to their career and movement in general. But why are tear away pants and the other steps so important?

Warm Up Movements Prior To Physical Activity

Anyone who plans on physical activity needs to warm their muscles up before they start. Slow stretching and readying the body for the impending movement improves the ability of your joints, giving you greater freedom of movement. As the muscles begin to warm, they gain in strength and have a shorter reaction time.

The rest of your body warms up as well. This improves the stretch and strength in your muscles and improves your body's ability to regulate its own temperature. Oxygen, energy, fatty acids, and other nutrients are able to flow more freely through the expanded blood vessels. You will be able to use your energy more efficiently and get more benefit out of each movement. Your mindset will also improve, making the impending workout more enjoyable as a whole.

Slow, deliberate, and timed movements are the basis of a solid warm up. These should start out light and gradually increase in intensity as you near the start of your activity. The best method is to start the movement gradually, moving to the farthest point of stretch. Hold it for a few short seconds and gradually move back into the natural position. This eliminates the possibility of harming or damaging any joints or muscles.

Wearing Marathon Pants

If too much time lapses between the warm up and the start of the actual activity, you need to wear tear away pants or marathon pants to keep your muscles warm. Otherwise, you will need to go back through the process. When it is time to start, remove the marathon pants or pull off the tear away pants. Many amateur and professional athletes will put them back on after the event if they have to wait for the third important step.

The Cooling Process

Once your physical activity is over, you need to return your body back to its original state. When you don't cool down your body, blood and waste builds up in your muscles. This also adds additional stress on your heart. Finally, cooling down your muscles, ligaments, and tendons helps repair any damage they may have sustained during the exercise. You will suffer less pain, discomfort, and swelling as a result. To return to your original state, go through a process similar to your warm up starting with the most intense and gradually reducing the intensity. This can include aerobic style movements as well as stretching.

To maintain the optimum level of health and ability, warming, cooling, and wearing tear away pants are necessary for anyone engaging in physical activity. These three seemingly simple steps can ultimately determine your performance and your entire health. Regardless of what type of physical activity you are facing, grab a pair of marathon pants, go through these steps, and get started.


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